By Abdellatif Elkherchi

Marrakech Tour Guide

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El Kherchi Abdellatif. All can be arranged by this professional qualified guide.

by Richard Nalley, TRAVEL NORTH AFRICA - Forbes

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About me, Abdellatif Elkherchi

  • - I was born in 1960 in Marrakesh Medina (the old town) very close to the famous square Jamaa fna.

- I am graduate from the university of Marrakesh English Department.I have been working as a Guide for 28 years.
- I worked for different travel agencies, exlusively agencies working for American Jews.I guided Top VIPs. 
- I took care of the guests of Amercian Embassy in Rabat including some American Senators many times.
- I also guided VIPs and Top VIPs from different countries.
- I guided a lot of journalisst working for famous magazines and newspapers in the USA.

- My hobbies: reading books of History, Religion, ethnic groups (especially Moroccan tribes)..

     But my Marrakech tour guide, Elkherchi Abdellatif, says foreigners don't barter or bargain hard enough, especially for services that Moroccans also need.

"The taxis don't want to take us [Moroccans] because they'd rather wait for a foreigner who's going to pay them more," Abdellatif says. His advice to ethically minded travelers: "Bargaining would help a lot."

Written by G. Jeffrey MacDonald  - How To Do The Right Thing - Conde Nast Traveler - August 07, 2007

Marrakech History

Established around 1062 by the Almoravids, Marrakech is one of Morocco's four Imperial Cities, alongside Méknes, Fes and Rabat. It would go ahead to end up the capital of the Almohad caliphate in the twelfth century, which sprawled through Spain and Africa. 

Amid this period, Marrakech was honored with its strong dividers worked from red sandstone, glimmering mosques like Koutoubia, fine gardens and castles. The compositional impact of the Almohads was solid and included cut vaults and curves. At the point when mixed with impacts from the Sahara and West Africa, it made a one of a kind style of engineering in the city. 

Marrakech's fast development transformed it into a social, religious and exchanging focus and regardless of a later time of decrease, it resurged in the sixteenth century amid the rule of affluent Saadian sultans, who assembled brilliant castles, for example, El Badi Palace. 

Until 1867, Europeans were prohibited from entering the city unless they were allowed consent from the sultan. By the mid twentieth century, when the nation was overpowered with agitation, the French could colonize Morocco. French impact waits on in the wide lanes of the new town, Guéliz, and its few remaining craftsmanship deco estates, most strikingly scene painter Jacques Majorelle's polished cobalt blue retreat in the Jardin Majorelle. Be that as it may, the most huge legacy of pioneer standard is the French dialect, which is still talked by every single taught Moroccan. 

After WWII, an immense cluster of delight seekers rediscovered Marrakech. Winston Churchill, Yves Saint Laurent and the Rolling Stones rubbed shoulders with American beat essayists, flower children and another type of inquisitive guests on edge to see what all the whine was about. All the more as of late, a tourism drive drove by King Mohammed VI has brought about new lavish lodgings, shops and eateries. A moderate established ruler, he has been in charge of social changes and gave parliament new powers amid the Arab Spring.